kappaSize: Sample Size Estimation Functions for Studies of Interobserver Agreement

This package contains basic tools for the purpose of sample size estimation in studies of interobserver/interrater agreement (reliability). This package contains sample size estimation functions for both the power-based and confidence interval-based methods, with binary or multinomial outcomes and two through six raters.

AuthorMichael A Rotondi <mrotondi@yorku.ca>
Date of publication2013-03-12 07:40:25
MaintainerMichael A Rotondi <mrotondi@yorku.ca>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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CI3Cats Man page
CI4Cats Man page
CI5Cats Man page
CIBinary Man page
FixedN3Cats Man page
FixedN4Cats Man page
FixedN5Cats Man page
FixedNBinary Man page
Power3Cats Man page
Power4Cats Man page
Power5Cats Man page
PowerBinary Man page
print.CI3Cats Man page
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print.FixedN5Cats Man page
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summary.CI5Cats Man page
summary.CIBinary Man page
summary.FixedN3Cats Man page
summary.FixedN4Cats Man page
summary.FixedN5Cats Man page
summary.FixedNBinary Man page
summary.Power3Cats Man page
summary.Power4Cats Man page
summary.Power5Cats Man page
summary.PowerBinary Man page

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