kayadata 1.3.0

kayadata 1.2.0

kayadata 1.1.0

kayadata 1.0.0

The package has matured and this will be release 1.0.0.

kayadata 0.5.1

This release is a bugfix

kayadata 0.5.0

This release updates to use the 2020 release of BP Energy Statistics. This release has data through 2019.

This problem does not hold for individual nations, where missing data appears as NA values. * Fix a bug where testthat tests would throw errors on systems where the suggested vdiffr package cannot be installed. The package now passes R CMD check with the environment variable _R_CHECK_DEPENDS_ONLY_ set to TRUE.

kayadata 0.4.4

This release is a minor bug fix.

kayadata 0.4.3

This release is mostly a bug fix for changes in the way that the latest releases of ggplot2 and scales packages handle color names.

kayadata 0.4.2

Update historical data (World Bank and BP) to include the latest data.

kayadata 0.4.1

Update historical data (World Bank and BP) to include 2018.

kayadata 0.4.0

Initial release

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