Man pages for keyring
Access the System Credential Store from R

backendAbstract class of a minimal keyring backend
backend_envStore secrets in environment variables
backend_fileStore secrets in encrypted files
backend_keyringsAbstract class of a backend that supports multiple keyrings
backend_macosCreate a macOS Keychain backend
backendsSelect the default backend and default keyring
backend_secret_serviceCreate a Secret Service keyring backend
backend_wincredCreate a Windows Credential Store keyring backend
b_wincred_getGet a key from a Wincred keyring
b_wincred_set_with_raw_valueSet a key on a Wincred keyring
has_keyring_supportManage keyrings
key_getQuery, set, delete list keys in a keyring
keyringAccess the System Credential Store from R
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