kknn-package: Weighted k-Nearest Neighbors Classification and Clustering


Weighted k-Nearest Neighbors Classification, Regression and spectral Clustering

The complete list of functions can be displayed with library(help = kknn).


Klaus Schliep
Klaus Hechenbichler

Maintainer: Klaus Schliep <klaus.schliep@gmail.com>


Hechenbichler K. and Schliep K.P. (2004) Weighted k-Nearest-Neighbor Techniques and Ordinal Classification, Discussion Paper 399, SFB 386, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (http://www.stat.uni-muenchen.de/sfb386/papers/dsp/paper399.ps)

Hechenbichler K. (2005) Ensemble-Techniken und ordinale Klassifikation, PhD-thesis

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