Man pages for klassR
Classifications and Codelists for Statistics Norway

ApplyKlassMatch and convert a classification
check_connectCheck connection Function to check that a connection to...
CheckDateInternal function to check date
ConvertTableCode level convert table (internal function)
CorrespondListCorrespondence list Print a list of correspondence tables for...
formatteringConvert vector to the right format
GetFamilyIdentify corresponding family from a classification number
GetKlassFetch classification data Fetch Statistics Norway...
GetNameGet the name of a classification version
GetNumsGet target ID numbers from Url
GetUrlGet json file from Url
GetUrl2Get json file from Url - alternative version
get_variant_nameGet variant name Internal function for fetching the variant...
GetVersionGet version number of a class given a date
klassdataTestdata for klassR package
levelCheckCheck which level input data/vector is
ListFamilyClassification family list Print a list of all families and...
ListKlassClassification list Get a full list of all classifications...
MakeCharConversion to character
MakeUrlInternal function to create URL address
SearchKlassSearch Klass
splitCharinsert missing dots to the right place in a string
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