Man pages for kmed
Distance-Based k-Medoids

barplotnumBarplot of each cluster for numerical variables data set
clust44-clustered data set
clust55-clustered data set
clustbootBootstrap replications for clustering alorithm
clustheatmapConsensus matrix heatmap from A consensus matrix
consensusmatrixConsensus matrix from A matrix of bootstrap replicates
cooccurCo-occurrence distance for binary/ categorical variables data
csvCentroid shadow value (CSV) index and plot
distmixDistances for mixed variables data set
distNumericA pair distance for numerical variables
fastkmedSimple and fast k-medoid algorithm
globalfoodGlobal food security index
heartHeart Disease data set
inckmedIncreasing number of clusters in k-medoids algorithm
matchingA pair distance for binary/ categorical variables
msvMedoid shadow value (MSV) index and plot
pcabiplotBiplot of a PCA object
rankkmedRank k-medoid algorithm
silSilhouette index and plot
skmSimple k-medoid algorithm
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