kml3d: K-Means for Joint Longitudinal Data

An implementation of k-means specifically design to cluster joint trajectories (longitudinal data on several variable-trajectories). Like 'kml', it provides facilities to deal with missing value, compute several quality criterion (Calinski and Harabatz, Ray and Turie, Davies and Bouldin, BIC,...) and propose a graphical interface for choosing the 'best' number of clusters. In addition, the 3D graph representing the mean joint-trajectories of each cluster can be exported through LaTeX in a 3D dynamic rotating PDF graph.

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AuthorChristophe Genolini [cre, aut], Bruno Falissard [ctb], Jean-Baptiste Pingault [ctb]
Date of publication2016-02-16 16:15:26
MaintainerChristophe Genolini <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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clusterLongData3d,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY Man page
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plot,ClusterLongData3d,ANY-method Man page
plot,ClusterLongData3d,missing-method Man page
plot,ClusterLongData3d,numeric-method Man page
plot,ClusterLongData3d,Partition-method Man page
plotMeans3d Man page
plotMeans3d,ClusterLongData3d-method Man page
plotMeans3d,ClusterLongData3d,missing-method Man page
plotMeans3d,ClusterLongData3d,numeric-method Man page
plotMeans3d,ClusterLongData3d,Partition-method Man page
plotTraj3d Man page
plotTraj3d,ClusterLongData3d-method Man page
plotTraj3d,ClusterLongData3d,missing-method Man page
plotTraj3d,ClusterLongData3d,numeric-method Man page
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