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Generate an inline text citation


citet(x, ...)



a citation query, or list of queries for multiple citations. See details and examples


additional arguments for the search or formatting. See details.


the citation query can be any of: - A bibentry object, - An article or dataset DOI, - The URL to a website such as a scientific journal article page - A path to a PDF file (will attempt to extract citation info) - A search query string, such as part of the article title, year, or journal (Queries CrossRef) - The bibkey to anything that has already been cited. knitcitations will attempt to find the most complete citation information based on the information specified. In some cases that information may be incomplete. When using search queries rather than an exact reference (such as URL, DOI, pdf, or bibkey) the desired article may not be found or many not be uniquely determined by the string. The most relevant search result is returned, so consider refining search terms as necessary. See examples.


Format of the text citation will depend on configuration. Unless citation_format = "pandoc", formatting is handled by Citet. See the arguments to Citet for details. knitcitations will automatically track what has been cited during the active R session until the citation log is reset.

See Also

Citep for more details on the inline text citation generation. citep for generating parenthetical citations.


# Cite an R package using the 'bibentry' object

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