Man pages for kohonen
Supervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps

check.whatmapCheck the validity of a whatmap argument
classvec2classmatConvert a classification vector into a matrix or the other...
degelderPowder pattern data by Rene de Gelder
expandMapExpand a self-organising map
getCodesExtract codebook vectors from a kohonen object
kohonen-packageSupervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps
map.kohonenMap data to a supervised or unsupervised SOM
nirNear-infrared data with temperature effects
object.distancesCalculate distances between object vectors in a SOM
peppaPicSynthetic image of a pepper plant with peppers
plot.kohonenPlot kohonen object
predict.kohonenPredict properties using a trained Kohonen map
summarySummary and print methods for kohonen objects
supersomSelf- and super-organising maps
tricolorProvides smooth unit colors for SOMs
unit.distancesSOM-grid related functions
winesWine data
yeastYeast cell-cycle data
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