Man pages for kpcalg
Kernel PC Algorithm for Causal Structure Detection

dcov.gammaTest to check the independence between two variables x and y...
frml.additive.smoothFormula for GAM without crossterms
frml.full.smoothFormula for GAM with crossterms
hsic.clustHSIC cluster permutation conditional independence test
hsic.gammaHilber Schmidt Independence Criterion gamma test
hsic.permHilber Schmidt Independence Criterion permutation test
hsic.testHilber Schmidt Independence Criterion test
kernelCItestKernel Conditional Independence test
kpcEstimate the WAN-PDAG using the kPC Algorithm
regrVonPSCheck if variable can be regressed to independence on its...
regrXonSRegress set of variables on its parents
udag2wanpdagLast kPC Algorithm Step: Extend Object with Skeleton to...
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