API for kscons
A Bayesian Approach for Protein Residue Contact Prediction using the Knob-Socket Model of Protein Tertiary Structure

Global functions
allmodel_local_false Man page
allmodel_local_true_free Man page
allmodel_local_true_knob Man page
allmodel_nonlocal_false Man page
allmodel_nonlocal_true_free Man page
allmodel_nonlocal_true_knob Man page
blocklize Source code
estimate Man page Source code
list2contact Source code
list2contact_2 Source code
loglikelihood Source code
loglikelihood_2 Source code
mcc Source code
msa_example Man page
reparametrize_rho Source code
tabulate_error Source code
valid_socket_1 Source code
valid_socket_2 Source code
validation_local Man page
validation_nonlocal Man page
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