Man pages for kwb.hantush
Calculation of Groundwater Mounding Beneath an Infiltration Basin

basePropertiesHantush equation base properties
baseProps_ex1USGS verification example: base parameteristion
compareModelResultsUSGS verification example: compare R results for water level...
confDistances_ex1USGS verification example: model parameterisation (multiple...
conf_ex1USGS verification example: model parameterisation (one...
erfError function
getModelComparisonTableUSGS verification example: get model comparison table
hantushHantush equation
hantushDistancesHantush distance: for for multiple coordinate
hantushDistancesBasePropsHantush distances & base properties: allows input of vector...
hantushSHelper function hantushS
hantushSstarHantush function Sstar
plotModelComparisonUSGS verification example: plot model comparison results
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