Man pages for labsimplex
Simplex Optimization Algorithms for Laboratory and Manufacturing Processes

addSimplex2SurfaceAdds the simplex movements to a response surface contour
adjustVertexModify the coordinates of given vertexes of a simplex
cntrContour plot of example response surfaces
exampleOptimizationPerforms a complete simplex optimization over a response...
ExampleSurfacesMultivariate functions that define hypothetical response...
generateVertexGenerates the new vertex of a simplex optimization
labsimplexGenerates a simplex object
labsimplex-package'labsimplex': Simplex Optimization Algorithms for Laboratory...
plotSimplex3DDraws a three dimentional plot of the vertexes in a simplex
plotSimplexResponsePlots the response versus the vertex number of a simplex...
plot.smplxDraws a two dimentional plot of the vertexes in a simplex
print.smplxS3 method 'print' for simplex objects
prspctv3D perspective plot of example response surfaces
simplexExportExports the information contained in an object of class...
simplexImportImports the information contained in a '.smplx' file.
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