Man pages for latexpdf
Convert Tables to PDF or PNG

as.documentCoerce to LaTeX Document
as.ltableCoerce to LaTeX Table Environment
as.pdfCoerce to PDF to PDF from Data Frame
as.pngCoerce to PNG to PNG from Data Frame.
as.tabularCoerce to tabular
breaksCalculate Row and Column Breaks
commandFormat a Latex Command
ghostconvertCall Ghostscript.
latexpdf-packageCreate LaTeX Code and PDF Documents.
makePreambleMake a Preamble for a LaTeX Document
reserveEscape LaTeX Reserved Characters
reserve.characterEscape LaTeX Reserved Characters for Character Objects LaTeX Reserved Characters in Data Frames
reserve.defaultEscape LaTeX Reserved Characters Using Default Method
reserve.factorEscape LaTeX Reserved Characters for Factor Objects
reserve.listEscape LaTeX Reserved Characters in Lists
tex2pdfConvert TEX to PDF
tex2pngConvert TEX to PNG
viewtexRender and View TEX Files
wrapWrap Text in a Latex Environment
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