Man pages for latticeExtra
Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice

ancestryModal ancestry by County according to US 2000 Census
as.layerOverlay panels of Trellis plots on same or different scales
biocAccessHourly access attempts to Bioconductor website
combineLimitsCombine axis limits across margins
c.trellisMerge trellis objects, using same or different scales
custom.themeCreate a lattice theme based on specified colors
dendrogramGrobCreate a Grob Representing a Dendrogram
doubleYScaleDraw two plot series with different y scales
EastAuClimateClimate of the East Coast of Australia
ecdfplotTrellis Displays of Empirical CDF
ggplot2like.themeA ggplot2-like theme for Lattice
gvhd10Flow cytometry data from five samples from a patient
horizonplotPlot many time series in parallel
layerAdd layers to a lattice plot, optionally using a new data...
mapplotTrellis displays on Maps a.k.a. Choropleth maps
marginal.plotDisplay marginal distributions
panel.2dsmootherPlot a smooth approximation of z over x and y.
panel.3dmiscMiscellanous panel utilities for three dimensional Trellis...
panel.ellipseLattice panel function to fit and draw a confidence ellipsoid...
panel.keyDraw a simple key inside a panel of a lattice plot.
panel.lmlineqDraw a line with a label, by default its equation
panel.qqmath.tailsApproximate distribution in qqmath but keep points on tails.
panel.quantilePlot a quantile regression line with standard error bounds.
panel.scaleArrowDraw a scale bar as an arrow, labelled with its length in...
panel.segplotDefault prepanel and panel functions for segplot
panel.smootherPlot a smoothing line with standard error bounds.
panel.tskernelCalculate and plot smoothed time series.
panel.voronoiPanel functions for level-coded irregular points
panel.xblocksPlot contiguous blocks along x axis.
panel.xyareaPlot series as filled polygons.
panel.xyimageScatter plots using emoji-like images
postdocReasons for Taking First Postdoctoral Appointment
resizePanelsResize panels to match data scales
rootogramTrellis Displays of Tukey's Hanging Rootograms
scale.componentsCustom lattice axis scales
SeatacWeatherDaily Rainfall and Temperature at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport
segplotPlot segments using the Trellis framework
theEconomist.themeGenerate plots with style like The Economist.
tileplotPlot a spatial mosaic from irregular 2D points
USAgeUS national population estimates
USCancerRatesRate of Death Due to Cancer in US Counties
useOuterStripsPut Strips on the Boundary of a Lattice Display
xyplot.stlDisplay stl fits with Lattice
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