Man pages for lavaSearch2
Tools for Model Specification in the Latent Variable Framework

addLinkAdd a New Link Between Two Variables in a LVM
autoplot_calibrateType1Graphical Display of the Bias or Type 1 Error
autoplot.intDensTri2D-display of the Domain Used to Compute the Integral
autoplot.modelsearch2Display the Value of a Coefficient across the Steps.
calcDistMaxAdjust the p.values Using the Quantiles of the Max Statistic
calcType1postSelectionCompute the Type 1 Error After Selection
calibrateType1Simulation Study Assessing Bias and Type 1 Error
checkDataCheck that Validity of the Dataset
coef2-internalExport Mean and Variance Coefficients
coefByTypeExtract the Coefficient by Type
coefTypeExtract the Type of Each Coefficient
combinationForm all Unique Combinations Between two Vectors
compare2Test Linear Hypotheses with small sample correction
conditionalMomentPrepare the Computation of score2
contrast2nameCreate Rownames for a Contrast Matrix
createContrastCreate Contrast matrix
createGridCreate a Mesh for the Integration
defineCategoricalLinkIdentify Categorical Links in LVM
dfSigmaDegree of Freedom for the Chi-Square Test
dfSigmaRobustDegree of Freedom for the Robust Chi-Square Test
dInformation2-internalCompute the First Derivative of the Expected Information...
estfun.lvmfitExtract Empirical Estimating Functions (lvmfit Object)
estimate2Compute Bias Corrected Quantities.
evalInParentEnvFind Object in the Parent Environments
extractDataExtract Data From a Model
findNewLinkFind all New Links Between Variables
getCluster2-internalReconstruct the Cluster Variable from a nlme Model
getIndexOmega2-internalExtract the name of the endogenous variables
getNewLinkExtract the Links that Have Been Found by the modelsearch2.
getNewModelExtract the Model that Has Been Retains by the modelsearch2.
getStepExtract one Step From the Sequential Procedure
getVarCov2Reconstruct the Conditional Variance Covariance Matrix
getVarCov2-internalReconstruct the Marginal Variance Covariance Matrix from a...
glht2General Linear Hypothesis
iid2Extract corrected i.i.d. decomposition
iidJackJackknife iid Decomposition from Model Object
information2-internalCompute the Expected Information Matrix From the Conditional...
initVarLinkNormalize var1 and var2
intDensTriIntegrate a Gaussian/Student Density over a Triangle
lavaSearch2Tools for Model Specification in the Latent Variable...
leverage2Extract Leverage Values
matrixPowerPower of a Matrix
modelsearch2Data-driven Extension of a Latent Variable Model
nStepFind the Number of Steps Performed During the Sequential...
residuals2Extract Corrected Residuals
score2Extract The Individual Score
score2-internalCompute the Corrected Score.
sCorrectSatterthwaite Correction and Small Sample Correction
selectRegressorRegressor of a Formula.
selectResponseResponse Variable of a Formula
setLinkSet a Link to a Value
skeletonPre-computation for the Score
summary2Summary with Small Sample Correction
summary.calibrateType1Display the Type 1 Error Rate
summary.modelsearch2summary Method for modelsearch2 Objects
symmetrizeSymmetrize a Matrix
tryWithWarningsRun an Expression and Catch Warnings and Errors
validFCTsCheck Arguments of a function.
var2dummyConvert Variable Names to Dummy Variables Names.
vcov2Extract the Variance Covariance Matrix of the Model...
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