lazyWeave: Generate Latex or HTML reports from R

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Arguments passed to functions are embedded in Latex code and can be output to a file. Allows the use of Latex and HTML to write reports, functions for building tables, etc.


Depending on the working directory (for Windows users), the user may encounter the error "texi2dvi.exe: Windows API error 5: Access is denied." when trying to build documents. This happens when the working directory is write protected. It is advisable to change the working directory to something not write protected. This can be done permanently by right clicking on the R shortcut icon, selecting properties, and changing the directory in the "Start in:" box.

lazyWeave assumes the availability of the packages xcolor, graphicx, colortbl, soul, lscape, and Sweave. If these packages are not available, the package most likely will not function properly.

It should be noted that lazyWeave is a rather inefficient way to go about writing reports with LaTeX or HTML. It's only real advantage is it reduces the amount of knowledge a user needs to have about LaTeX (and it could be debated if that's really an advantage).

Use of lazyWeave could also be greatly supplemented by some basic familiarity with LaTeX. For example, knowing the commands for bolding (\textbf{}), italicizing (\emph{}), and underlining text (\ul{}) can go a long way to improving the look of reports. It also would help to know how to subscript and superscript terms. Most introductions to LaTeX will cover these basics.

lazyWeave is also only intended to provide the most basic functionality of LaTeX, and I have no plans of extending it much further than what is available already. If what is in the package now is not sufficient enough to satisfy your needs, then I strongly suggest you look into using Sweave.

All of the functions can be used for LaTeX and HTML reports, but the functionality and appearance may not be identical between formats.

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