Man pages for lazyeval
Lazy (Non-Standard) Evaluation

all_dotsCombine explicit and implicit dots.
as.lazyConvert an object to a lazy expression or lazy dots.
as_nameCoerce an object to a name or call.
ast_Display a call (or expression) as a tree.
auto_nameAutomatically name all components of a lazy dots.
call_modifyModify the arguments of a call.
call_newCreate a call by "hand"
common_envFind common environment in list of lazy objects.
expr_labelFind the expression associated with an argument
f_captureMake a promise explicit by converting into a formula.
f_evalEvaluate a formula
f_interpInterpolate a formula
f_listBuild a named list from the LHS of formulas
f_newCreate a formula object by "hand".
f_rhsGet/set formula components.
f_textTurn RHS of formula into a string/label.
function_newCreate a function by "hand"
f_unwrapUnwrap a formula
interpInterpolate values into an expression.
is_formulaIs object a formula?
is_langIs an object a language object?
lazy_Capture expression for later lazy evaluation.
lazy_dotsCapture ... (dots) for later lazy evaluation.
lazy_evalEvaluate a lazy expression.
make_callMake a call with 'lazy_dots' as arguments.
missing_argGenerate a missing argument.
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