lcmm: Extended Mixed Models Using Latent Classes and Latent Processes

Estimation of various extensions of the mixed models including latent class mixed models, joint latent latent class mixed models and mixed models for curvilinear univariate or multivariate longitudinal outcomes using a maximum likelihood estimation method.

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AuthorCecile Proust-Lima, Viviane Philipps, Amadou Diakite and Benoit Liquet
Date of publication2017-03-23 20:57:46 UTC
MaintainerCecile Proust-Lima <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2.0)

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Man pages

cuminc: Predicted cumulative incidence of event according to a...

data_hlme: Simulated dataset for hlme function

data_lcmm: Simulated dataset for lcmm and Jointlcmm functions

Diffepoce: Difference of expected prognostic cross-entropy (EPOCE)...

dynpred: Individual dynamic predictions from a joint latent class...

epoce: Estimators of the Expected Prognostic Observed Cross-Entropy...

estimates: Maximum likelihood estimates

fitY: Marginal predictions of the longitudinal outcome(s) in their...

ForInternalUse: For internal use only ...

gridsearch: Automatic grid search

hlme: Estimation of latent class linear mixed models

Jointlcmm: Estimation of joint latent class models for longitudinal and...

lcmm: Estimation of mixed-effect models and latent class...

lcmm-package: Estimation of extended mixed models using latent classes and...

multlcmm: Estimation of mutlivariate mixed-effect models and...

paquid: Longitudinal data on cognitive and physical aging in the...

plot.cuminc: Plot of predicted cumulative incidences according to a...

plot.dynpred: Plot of individual dynamic predictions

plot.lcmm: Plot of a fitted model

plot.pred.accuracy: Plots

plot.predict: Plot of predicted trajectories and link functions

postprob: Posterior classification stemmed from a 'hlme', 'lcmm',...

predictL: Class-specific marginal predictions in the latent process...

predictlink: Confidence intervals for the estimated link functions from...

predictY: Marginal predictions (possibly class-specific) of a 'hlme',...

print.lcmm: Brief summary of a 'hlme', 'lcmm', 'Jointlcmm','multlcmm',...

standardMethods: Standard methods for estimated models

summary.lcmm: Summary of a 'hlme', 'lcmm', 'Jointlcmm', 'multlcmm', 'epoce'...

summarytable: Summary of models

VarCov: Variance-covariance of the estimates

VarCovRE: Estimates, standard errors and Wald test for the parameters...

VarExpl: Percentage of variance explained by the (latent class) linear...

WaldMult: Multivariate Wald Test


C_calculustransfo Man page
C_cvpl Man page
C_hetmixcont Man page
C_hetmixcontmult Man page
C_hetmixlin Man page
C_hetmixord Man page
C_jointhet Man page
coef.hlme Man page
coef.Jointlcmm Man page
coef.lcmm Man page
coef.multlcmm Man page
.Contlcmm Man page
C_postprob2 Man page
C_predictcont Man page
C_predictmult Man page
cuminc Man page
data_hlme Man page
data_lcmm Man page
Diffepoce Man page
dynpred Man page
epoce Man page
estimates Man page
estimates.hlme Man page
estimates.Jointlcmm Man page
estimates.lcmm Man page
estimates.multlcmm Man page
factor.names Man page
fitted.hlme Man page
fitted.Jointlcmm Man page
fitted.lcmm Man page
fitted.multlcmm Man page
fitY Man page
fitY.Jointlcmm Man page
fitY.lcmm Man page
fitY.multlcmm Man page
fixef Man page
fixef.hlme Man page
fixef.Jointlcmm Man page
fixef.lcmm Man page
fixef.multlcmm Man page
gridsearch Man page
hlme Man page
jlcmm Man page
Jointlcmm Man page
lcmm Man page
lcmm-package Man page
mixture Man page
mlcmm Man page
multlcmm Man page
.Ordlcmm Man page
paquid Man page
.plotbaselinerisk Man page
plot.cuminc Man page
plot.Diffepoce Man page
plot.dynpred Man page
plot.epoce Man page
.plotfit Man page
plot.hlme Man page
plot.Jointlcmm Man page
plot.lcmm Man page
.plotlinkfunctionmult Man page
.plotlinkfuntion Man page
plot.multlcmm Man page
.plotpostprob Man page
plot.predict Man page
plot.predictL Man page
plot.predictlink Man page
plot.predictlink.Jointlcmm Man page
plot.predictlink.lcmm Man page
plot.predictlink.multlcmm Man page
plot.predictL.Jointlcmm Man page
plot.predictL.lcmm Man page
plot.predictL.multlcmm Man page
plot.predictY Man page
plot.predictY.hlme Man page
plot.predictY.Jointlcmm Man page
plot.predictY.lcmm Man page
plot.predictY.multlcmm Man page
.plotresid Man page
.plotsurvival Man page
postprob Man page
postprob.hlme Man page
postprob.Jointlcmm Man page
postprob.lcmm Man page
postprob.multlcmm Man page
predictL Man page
predictlink Man page
predictlink.Jointlcmm Man page
predictlink.lcmm Man page
predictlink.multlcmm Man page
predictL.Jointlcmm Man page
predictL.lcmm Man page
predictL.multlcmm Man page
predictY Man page
predictY.hlme Man page
predictY.Jointlcmm Man page
predictY.lcmm Man page
predictY.multlcmm Man page
print.Diffepoce Man page
print.epoce Man page
print.hlme Man page
print.Jointlcmm Man page
print.lcmm Man page
print.multlcmm Man page
ranef Man page
ranef.hlme Man page
ranef.Jointlcmm Man page
ranef.lcmm Man page
ranef.multlcmm Man page
residuals.hlme Man page
residuals.Jointlcmm Man page
residuals.lcmm Man page
residuals.multlcmm Man page
risqcum_spl Man page
risq_spl Man page
summary.Diffepoce Man page
summary.epoce Man page
summary.hlme Man page
summary.Jointlcmm Man page
summary.lcmm Man page
summary.multlcmm Man page
summarytable Man page
VarCov Man page
VarCov.hlme Man page
VarCov.Jointlcmm Man page
VarCov.lcmm Man page
VarCov.multlcmm Man page
VarCovRE Man page
VarCovRE.hlme Man page
VarCovRE.Jointlcmm Man page
VarCovRE.lcmm Man page
VarCovRE.multlcmm Man page
VarExpl Man page
VarExpl.hlme Man page
VarExpl.Jointlcmm Man page
VarExpl.lcmm Man page
VarExpl.multlcmm Man page
vcov.hlme Man page
vcov.Jointlcmm Man page
vcov.lcmm Man page
vcov.multlcmm Man page
WaldMult Man page


R/risqcum_spl.R R/lcmm.R R/predictY.hlme.R R/mixture.R R/plotresid.R R/gridsearch.R R/plotbaselinerisk.R R/postprob.multlcmm.R R/summary.Jointlcmm.R R/hlme.R R/VarCovRE.lcmm.R R/summary.multlcmm.R R/plot.predictY.R R/VarCov.hlme.R R/multlcmm.R R/VarCov.Jointlcmm.R R/fitY.Jointlcmm.R R/summary.epoce.R R/print.lcmm.R R/standardMethods.R R/plotfit.R R/plot.R R/predictY.multlcmm.R R/predictY.lcmm.R R/dynpred.R R/plot.predictlink.R R/Contlcmm.R R/plot.epoce.R R/plot.dynpred.R R/predictY.Jointlcmm.R R/print.Diffepoce.R R/plotlinkfunction.R R/estimates.Jointlcmm.R R/print.hlme.R R/plot.Diffepoce.R R/print.epoce.R R/estimates.hlme.R R/summary.hlme.R R/predictL.lcmm.R R/estimates.multlcmm.R R/predictlink.lcmm.R R/plotsurvival.R R/fitY.multlcmm.R R/postprob.Jointlcmm.R R/WaldMult.R R/print.multlcmm.R R/risq_spl.R R/Jointlcmm.R R/print.Jointlcmm.R R/plotpostprob.R R/VarCov.multlcmm.R R/fitY.lcmm.R R/VarExpl.multlcmm.R R/predictlink.Jointlcmm.R R/summarytable.R R/factor.names.R R/estimates.lcmm.R R/postprob.lcmm.R R/epoce.R R/summary.Diffepoce.R R/plot.cuminc.R R/predictlink.multlcmm.R R/VarCovRE.multlcmm.R R/VarExpl.hlme.R R/VarExpl.Jointlcmm.R R/VarCov.lcmm.R R/VarExpl.lcmm.R R/summary.lcmm.R R/Ordlcmm.R R/predictL.Jointlcmm.R R/firstlib.R R/Diffepoce.R R/VarCovRE.hlme.R R/plot.predictL.R R/predictL.multlcmm.R R/postprob.hlme.R R/cuminc.R R/plotlinkfunctionmult.R R/VarCovRE.Jointlcmm.R
man/paquid.Rd man/ForInternalUse.Rd man/plot.predict.Rd man/print.lcmm.Rd man/VarExpl.Rd man/plot.lcmm.Rd man/lcmm-package.Rd man/plot.cuminc.Rd man/fitY.Rd man/gridsearch.Rd man/Diffepoce.Rd man/data_lcmm.Rd man/plot.pred.accuracy.Rd man/estimates.Rd man/multlcmm.Rd man/data_hlme.Rd man/VarCov.Rd man/lcmm.Rd man/epoce.Rd man/cuminc.Rd man/standardMethods.Rd man/Jointlcmm.Rd man/postprob.Rd man/dynpred.Rd man/summary.lcmm.Rd man/summarytable.Rd man/plot.dynpred.Rd man/hlme.Rd man/predictY.Rd man/VarCovRE.Rd man/WaldMult.Rd man/predictlink.Rd man/predictL.Rd

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