Man pages for ldr
Methods for likelihood-based dimension reduction in regression

bfFunction to generate a basis function.
bigmacbigmac data
coreCovariance Reduction
fleaFlea-beetles data
ladLikelihood Acquired Directions
ldrLikelihood-based Dimension Reduction
ldr.slicesFunction to slice continuous response.
OHOH dataset
orthonormGram-Schmidt orthonormalization
pfcPrincipal fitted components
plot.ladInternal function of 'ldr'
plot.pfcInternal function of 'ldr'
print.coreInternal function of 'ldr'
print.ladInternal function of 'ldr'
print.pfcInternal function of 'ldr'
print.structureInternal function for ldr.
print.summarycoreInternal function for ldr.
print.summaryladInternal function for ldr.
print.summarypfcInternal function for ldr.
projectionProjection operator
screen.pfcAdaptive Screening of Predictors
snakesSnakes data
structure.testTest of covariance structure for PFC models
summary.coreInternal function for ldr.
summary.ladInternal function for ldr.
summary.pfcInternal function for ldr.
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