Man pages for ldsr
Linear Dynamical System Reconstruction

calculate_metricsReconstruction metrics
call_methodCall a reconstruction method
corrPearson's correlation
cvLDSCross validate LDS model. This is a wrapper for...
cvPCRCross validation of PCR reconstruction.
exp_ciExponential confidence interval
inv_boxcoxInverse Box-Cox transform
Kalman_smootherImplement Kalman smoothing
KGEKling-Gupta Efficiency
LDS_BFGS_with_updateLearn LDS with L-BFGS-B
LDS_EMLearn LDS model
LDS_EM_restartLearn LDS model with multiple initial conditions
LDS_GALearn a linear dynamical system using Genetic Algorithm.
ldsrldsr: Linear Dynamical System Reconstruction
LDS_reconstructionLearn LDS model.
LDS_repMultiple LDS replicates
make_initMake initial values for parameters.
make_ZMake cross-validation folds.
metrics_with_transformTransform the estimates before calculating metrics
MstepMaximizing expected likelihood using analytical solution
negLogLikCalculates the negative log-likelihood
NPannualAnnual streamflow at Nakhon Phanom
NPpcSelected principal components
nRMSENormalized root-mean-square error
NSENash-Sutcliffe Efficiency
one_lds_cvOne cross-validation run
one_LDS_repOne LDS replicate
one_pcr_cvOne cross-validation run
PCR_ensemble_selectionSelect the best reconstruction
PCR_reconstructionPrincipal Component Regression Reconstruction
penalized_likelihoodPenalized likelihood objective function
propagateState propagation
REReduction of Error
thetaLDS parameters
vec_to_listConverts theta from a vector (as used in GA) to list (as used...
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