Man pages for leafem
'leaflet' Extensions for 'mapview'

addCopyExtentCopy current view extent to the clipboard
addExtentAdd extent/bbox of spatial objects to a leaflet map
addFeaturesType agnositc version of 'leaflet::add*' functions.
addFgbAdd a flatgeobuf file to leaflet map
addGeoRasterAdd stars/raster image to a leaflet map using optimised...
addGeotiffAdd a GeoTIFF file to a leaflet map using optimised...
addHomeButtonAdd a home button / zoom-to-layer button to a map.
addImageQueryAdd image query functionality to leaflet/mapview map.
addLocalFileAdd vector data to leaflet map directly from the file system
addLogoadd a local or remote image (png, jpg, gif, bmp, ...) to a...
addMouseCoordinatesAdd mouse coordinate information at top of map.
addRasterRGBAdd an RGB image as a layer
addStarsImageAdd stars layer to a leaflet map
addStaticLabelsAdd static labels to 'leaflet' or 'mapview' objects
addTileFolderAdd raster tiles from a local folder
colorOptionsColor options for addGeoRaster and addGeotiff
garnishMapGarnish/decorate leaflet or mapview maps.
updateLayersControlUpdate the layer controls when adding layers to an existing...
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