Man pages for leaflet.extras
Extra Functionality for 'leaflet' Package

addAwesomeMarkersDependenciesAdd AwesomeMarkers and related lib dependencies to a map
addBingTilesAdds Bing Tiles Layer
addBootstrapDependencyAdd Bootstrap dependency to a map
addBounceMarkersAdd Bounce Markers to map
addGeodesicPolylinesAdd Geodesic Lines
addResetMapButtonReset map's view to original view
debugMapFor debugging a leaflet map
drawAdds a Toolbar to draw shapes/points on the map.
draw-optionsOptions for drawn shapes
fullscreenAdd fullscreen control
gpsOptions for the GPS Control
heatmapAdd a heatmap
leaflet.extrasleaflet.extras: Extra Functionality for 'leaflet' Package.
leafletExtrasDependenciesVarious leaflet dependency functions for use in downstream...
leaflethashAdd dynamic URL Hash
measure-pathEnables measuring of length of polylines and areas of...
omnivoreAdds a GeoJSON/TopoJSON to the leaflet map.
pulseMarkersMake pulse-icon set
search-featuresAdd a feature search control to the map.
search-geocodingAdd a OSM search control to the map.
search-optionsOptions for search control.
sleepPrevents accidental map scrolling when scrolling in a...
style-editorAdd style editor
TileCachingEnables caching of Tiles
utilsConverts GeoJSON Feature properties to HTML
weatherMarkersMake weather-icon set
webglheatmapAdd a webgl heatmap
wms-legendAdd WMS Legend
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