Getting Information From Leanpub

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leanpubr Package:

The goal of leanpubr is to provide provides access to the 'Leanpub' 'API' for gathering information about publications and submissions to the 'Leanpub' platform.

Setting the API key

The main thing you need to do is get an API key from Leanpub. You can do this by visiting if you are an author. If you are not an author, I don't believe access to the API is possible. You can pass this api_key to functions in Leanpub (almost all prefixed by lp_), or you can set the environmental variable LEANPUB_API_KEY. You can set this in an interactive R session such as:

Sys.setenv("LEANPUB_API_KEY" = "YOUR_KEY")

or put this in your ~/.Renviron:


Getting Data about a book

You can use lp_summary or lp_book_info, these are identical, to get information about any book in Leanpub:

slug = "biostatmethods"
res = lp_summary(slug, error = FALSE, verbose = TRUE)

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Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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