Man pages for learningCurve
An Implementation of Crawford's and Wright's Learning Curve Production Functions

agg_curveAggregate Learning Curve
ca_blockWright's Cumulative Average Learning Curve Function
ca_unitWright's Cumulative Average Unit Learning Curve Function
cum_errorApproximate Prediction Error
deltaCrawford vs. Wright Unit Difference
lc_rateLearning Rate Converter
lc_rate_estLearning Rate Estimate
natural_slopeNatural Slope Rate Converter
natural_slope_estNatural Slope Estimate
plot_block_summaryBlock Summary Plot
plot_deltaCrawford vs. Wright Delta Plot
plot_unit_curveLearning Curve Plot
unit_block_summaryBlock Summary Function
unit_cum_appxApproximate Cumulative Unit Learning Curve Function
unit_cum_exactExact Cumulative Unit Learning Curve Function
unit_curveCrawford's Unit Learning Curve Function
unit_midpointMidpoint Unit Function
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