Man pages for learnr
Interactive Tutorials for R

answerQuestion answer options
available_tutorialsList available tutorials
debug_exercise_checkerAn Exercise Checker for Debugging
disable_all_tagsDisable all html tags
duplicate_envCreate a duplicate of an environment
event_register_handlerRegister an event handler callback
external_evaluatorExternal execution evaluator
filesystem_storageFilesystem-based storage for tutor state data
finalize_questionFinalize a question
format_quizFormatting and printing quizzes, questions, and answers
get_tutorial_infoGet information about the current tutorial
get_tutorial_stateObserve the user's progress in the tutorial
initialize_tutorialInitialize tutorial R Markdown extensions
knit_printKnitr quiz print methods
learnr-packagelearnr: Interactive Tutorials for R
mark_as_correct_incorrectMark submission as correct or incorrect
mock_exerciseMock a learnr interactive exercise
one_timeWrap an expression that will be executed one time in an event...
question_checkboxCheckbox question
question_methodsCustom question methods
question_numericNumber question
question_radioRadio question
question_textText box question
quizTutorial quiz questions
random_phrases_addAdd phrases to the bank of random phrases
random_praiseRandom praise and encouragement
run_tutorialRun a tutorial
safeExecute R code in a safe R environment
safe_envSafe R CMD environment
tutorialTutorial document format
tutorial_html_dependencyTutorial HTML dependency
tutorial_optionsSet tutorial options
tutorial_package_dependenciesList tutorial dependencies
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