Man pages for lemon
Freshing Up your 'ggplot2' Plots

annotate_axisAnnotations in the axis
bracketsAxis brackets instead of axis ticks and lines
coord_cappedCartesian coordinates with capped axis lines.
coord_flexCartesian coordinates with flexible options for drawing axes
dotCreate paths that are safe from changing working directory.
element_renderRender a ggplot2 grob or retrieve its gpar object.
facet_repRepeat axis lines and labels across all facet panels
geom_pointpathConnected points
geom_siderangeDisplay range of data in side of plot
get_panel_rangeVersion safe(r) method to get the y- and x-range from trained...
ggplot2-non-exportsThe waivers are from 'ggplot2/R/utilities.r'.
g_legendExtract ggplot legends
grid_arrange_shared_legendShare a legend between multiple plots
gtable_showVisualise underlying gtable layout.
guidebox_as_columnGuidebox as a column
is.smallIs a given unit 'small'?
lemonFreshing up your ggplots
lemon-ggprotoggproto classes used in lemon!
lemon_plotLemon plots; ggplots with extended functionality.
lemon_printknitr extension: Always use 'kable' for data frames.
remove_labels_from_axisRemoves labels from axis grobs.
reposition_legendReposition a legend onto a panel
scale_symmetricSymmetrix position scale for continuous x and y
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