Man pages for lgr
A Fully Featured Logging Framework

AppenderBufferLog to a Memory Buffer
AppenderConsoleLog to the Console
AppenderDbiLog to Databases via DBI
AppenderDigestAbstract Class for Digests
AppenderDtLog to an In-Memory Data.Table
AppenderFileLog to a File
AppenderGmailSend Log Emails via gmailr
AppenderJsonLog to a JSON File
AppenderMailAbstract Class for Email Appenders
AppenderMemoryAbstract Class for Logging to Memory Buffers
AppenderPushbulletSend Push-Notifications via RPushbullet
AppenderRjdbcLog to Databases via RJDBC
AppenderSendmailSend Log Emails via sendmailR
AppenderTableAbstract Class for Logging to Tabular Structures LogEvents to Data Frames
basic_configBasic Setup for the Logging System
colorize_levelsColorize Levels
default_exception_handlerDemote an Exception to a Warning
default_should_flushDefault Should Flush Function
EventFilterEvent Filters
FilterableAbstract Class for Filterables
get_loggerGet/Create a Logger
get_log_levelsManage Log Levels
is_filterCheck if an R Object is a Filter
label_levelsLabel/Unlabel Log Levels
LayoutAbstract Class for Layouts
LayoutDbiFormat Log Events for Output to Databases
LayoutFormatFormat Log Events as Text
LayoutGlueFormat Log Events as Text via glue
LayoutJsonFormat LogEvents as JSON
lgr-packageA Fully Featured Logging Framework for R
LogEventEvents - The Atomic Unit of Logging
logger_configLogger Configuration Objects
pad_rightPad Character Vectors
print.LogEventPrint or Format Logging Data
print.LoggerPrint a Logger Object
read_json_linesRead a JSON logfile
select_dbi_layoutSelect Appropriate Database Table Layout
simple_loggingSimple Logging
suspend_loggingSuspend All Logging
system_infosInformation About the System
use_loggerSetup a Simple Logger for a Package
with_log_levelInject Values into Logging Calls
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