Man pages for libr
Libraries, Data Dictionaries, and a Data Step for R

datastepStep through data row-by-row
dictionaryCreate a Data Dictionary
dsarrayCreate a Data Step Array
dsattrAssign Datastep Variable Attributes
grapes-eq-grapesCheck equality of two objects
import_specCreate an Import Specification
is.libClass test for a data library
length.dsarrayLength function for dsarray class
lib_addAdd Data to a Data Library
lib_copyCopy a Data Library
lib_deleteDelete a Data Library
lib_infoGet Information about a Data Library
lib_loadLoad a Library into the Workspace
libnameCreate a data library
lib_pathGet the Path for a Data Library
librLibnames, Data Dictionaries and Data Steps
lib_removeRemove Data from a Data Library
lib_replaceReplace Data in a Data Library
lib_sizeGet the Size of a Data Library
lib_syncSynchronize Loaded Library
lib_unloadUnload a Library from the Workspace
lib_writeWrite a Data Library to the File System
print.libPrint a data library
print.specsPrint import specifications
read.specsRead import specs from the file system
specsCreate an Import Spec Collection
sub-.dsarrayIndexer for Data Step Array
write.specsWrite import specs to the file system
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