Man pages for librarian
Install, Update, Load Packages from CRAN, 'GitHub', and 'Bioconductor' in One Step

browse_cranSearch for CRAN packages by keyword/regex
check_attachedCheck if packages are attached
check_installedCheck if packages are installed
check_pkg_statusCheck if packages are installed or attached
collapse_vecCollapse a vector
dots1_is_pkglistIs the 1st 'dots' arg a character vector with length > 1?
dots_is_emptyDid the user pass arguments inside dots?
dots_lengthHow many items are in dots?
fuzzy_needleTurn a list of words into a fuzzy regex
is_valid_urlAssert that a URL is complete and valid
lib_pathsChanging and viewing the package search paths
lib_startupSet packages and library paths to automatically start-up with...
list_dependenciesList the dependencies of selected packages
make_dirsBuild a path, creating subfolders if needed
nse_dotsConvert dots to package names
reshelfDetach and then reattach packages to the search path
sentenceKeep the first sentence of a string.
shelfAttach packages to the search path, installing them from...
shhhSuppresses console output, including printing
tell_userMessages for the user
unshelfDetach (unload) packages from the search path
wrap_textProduce a nicely-wrapped paragraph for console printing
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