RStudio Addins for liftr

RStudio addins to the rescue

If you use RStudio, there is a good chance that you love the Knit button that will give you the power of one-click R Markdown document compilation. Luckily, we also prepared four RStudio addins that supports containerizing and rendering your documents with liftr.

RStudio addins for liftr

Addin: 📦 Containerize

This addin helps you generate the Dockerfile for the current R Markdown document opened in RStudio (with liftr meta), using lift().

Addin: 🎉 Render

This addin will generate the Dockerfile based on the document, create the Docker container, and render the document inside the container using render_docker().

Addin: ✂️ Prune Dangling

Sometimes the Docker image build fails due to various reasons, this addin will help you clean up the unused dangling containers and images automatically.

Addin: 🗑 Remove Image

After having a satisfying rendered document, maybe you would not need the Docker image for rendering the document for a long time. This addin helps you remove that particular Docker image.

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