Man pages for lifx
Control 'LIFX' Smart Light Bulbs

check_lifx_responsereact to 'LIFX' api response error codes
lifxLIFX': A package for controlling 'LIFX' smart bulbs
lx_check_colorcheck if 'LIFX' color name is valid
lx_colorchange the state of 'LIFX' lamps
lx_color_namepicking a color by name or hsbk
lx_deltaChange light state relative to current state (wrapper for...
lx_effect_breathe"Breathe" effect
lx_effect_flame"Flame" effect
lx_effect_morph"Morph" effect
lx_effect_move"Move" effect
lx_effect_offTurn effects off
lx_effect_pulse"Pulse" effect
lx_GETGET request
lx_get_tokenretrieve lifx_token from R environment
lx_has_tokencheck whether a lifx api token is stored in the R environment...
lx_list_lightslist available lights
lx_POSTPOST request
lx_PUTPUT request
lx_rate_limitget 'LIFX' API rate limit
lx_save_tokensave a lifx API token in your r environment file
lx_selectorselect lights
lx_stateset light state (lifx API endpoint PUT set state)
lx_toggleToggle light
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