toy.smps: Simulated data set containing 17 interval-valued observations...

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This data set was used for the illustrations in A. Wiencierz, M. Cattaneo (2012b).




A data.frame containing 17 rows and 4 columns, i.e. 2 neighboring columns for each variable, the first column for the left endpoints of the interval observations, the second for the right endpoints.


M. Cattaneo, A. Wiencierz (2012c). On the implementation of LIR: the case of simple linear regression with interval data. Technical Report No. 127. Department of Statistics. LMU Munich.

A. Wiencierz, M. Cattaneo (2012b). An exact algorithm for Likelihood-based Imprecise Regression in the case of simple linear regression with interval data. In: R. Kruse et al. (Eds.). Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Vol. 190. Springer. pp. 293-301.

M. Cattaneo, A. Wiencierz (2012a). Likelihood-based Imprecise Regression. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. Vol. 53. pp. 1137-1154.

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