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List-processing à la SRFI-1

caarComposite 'car'/'cdr'
cadarComposite 'car'/'cdr'
caddrComposite 'car'/'cdr'
cadrComposite 'car'/'cdr'
carFirst element of a list
cdddrComposite 'car'/'cdr'
cddrComposite 'car'/'cdr'
cdrReturn elements after the first of a list.
cdrsTry to get the 'cdrs'; otherwise, return 'nil'.
for.eachApply 'f' to the successive elements of '...'.
is.evenIs a number even?
is.nilWhether a list is empty.
is.oddIs a number odd?
lastLast element in a list.
nilThe empty list
pair.fold.rightpair-fold-right from SRFI-1.
pairwiseCombine a list into pairwise elements; lists should be of the...
zipZip _n_ lists together into tuplets of length _n_.
zip.cZip using 'c'.
zip.listZip using 'list'.
zip.with.namesDo a less efficient zip whilst preserving names.
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