Man pages for listarrays
A Toolbox for Working with R Arrays in a Functional Programming Style

array2Make or reshape an array with C-style (row-major) semantics
bind-arraysBind arrays along a specified dimension
drop_dimnamesDrop dimnames
expand_dimsExpand the shape of an array
extract_dimExtract with '[' on a specified dimension
map_along_dimApply a function across subsets along an array dimension
modify_along_dimModify an array by mapping over 1 or more dimensions
ndimLength of 'DIM()'
onehotConvert vector to a onehot representation (binary class...
seq_along_dimSequence along a dimension
set_as_rowsReshape an array to send a dimension forward or back
set_dimReshape an array
set_dimnamesSet dimnames
shuffle_rowsShuffle along the first dimension multiple arrays in sync
split-arraySplit an array along a dimension
t.arraytranspose an array
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