Man pages for litteR
Litter Analysis

adj_boxplot_statsAdjusted Boxplot Statistics
create_litter_projectCreate Project Directory
create_loggerSimple Logger
cvCoefficient of Variation
enumerateEnumerate Objects
enumerate.characterEnumerate Character Vector
enumerate.sequenizedConvert Sequenized Output to Character String
has_write_accessCheck Write Permission
iodIndex of Dispersion
is_date_formatCheck Date Format
is_natural_numberTest for Natural Numbers
kendall_sMann-Kendall S Statistic
kendall_var_sMann-Kendall Variance of S Statistic
list_duplicatesList Duplicates
litterGraphical User Interface to the litteR-package
litteR-packageLitter Analysis
mann_kendallMann Kendall
read_litterRead Litter Data
read_litter_typesRead Type Names
read_settingsRead Settings File
recdfSample From an ECDF
regional_kendallRegional Kendall Test for Trend
rmadRelative Median Absolute Deviation
rollRolling Statistics
sequenizeSequenize Objects
sequenize.integerSequenize Integer Sequence
stat_adj_boxplotAdjusted Boxplot Statistics for ggplot2
test_statisticTest Statistic
theil_senTheil Sen Slope Estimator
trimeanTukey's Trimean
validateValidation of LitteR File Formats
wilcoxonWilcoxon Test
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