livechatR - LiveChat REST API client for R

The package livechatR provides an interface from R to LiveChat's API endpoints (see

This package contains functions that curl the most frequently used API endpoints (agents, canned responses ahd chats).





The package depends on - dplyr - purrr - jsonlite - data.table - magrittr


Set-up connection using LiveChat credentials in R

In order to use the various methods of this package, we need to save the account data of your LiveChat email and API key into a named object using livechatCreateAccount. The next examples all make use of this account object. You can find the API Key and token here.

## Fill in here the API token, key and secret as found on
> account = livechatCreateAccount(email ="email_here",
                                  api_key = "api_key_here")

List Agents

> livechatGetAgents(account)

List Canned Responses

> livechatGetCannedResponses(account, group = 0)

List Chat Sessions and Chats

> livechat_data <- livechatGetChats(account, date_from = "2016-02-23")

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