Man pages for lmomRFA
Regional Frequency Analysis using L-Moments

AppalachData for streamflow gaging stations in Appalachia
CascadesL-moments of annual precipitation totals
cluaggHierarchical clustering
cluinfProvide information about a hierarchical clustering
clukmCluster analysis via K-means algorithm
evplot.rfdExtreme-value plot of a regional frequency distribution
lmomRFA-packageThe lmomRFA package
MaxwindMaximum wind speeds
regavlmomRegional weighted average of L-moments
regdataThe regdata class
regfitFit a regional frequency distribution
reglmrRegional weighted average of L-moments
regquantQuantiles and quantile function of a regional frequency...
regquantboundsCompute error bounds for a regional frequency distribution
regsamlmuSample L-moments of multiple data sets
regsimhSimulate the distribution of heterogeneity and...
regsimqCompute error bounds for a fitted regional frequency...
regtstTest statistics for regional frequency analysis
sitequantQuantiles and quantile functions for individual sites in a...
summary.regtstSummary of test statistics for regional frequency analysis
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