Man pages for lmreg
Data and Functions Used in Linear Models and Regression with R: An Integrated Approach

airspeedAir speed experiment data
appletreeApple yield with cropping under tree
basisBasis of column space of a matrix
binariesConvert categorical variable to several binary variables
birthwtBirth weight data
cisimultSimultaneous confidence intervals in a linear model
cisnglConfidence interval for a linear parametric function in a...
compbasisBasis of orthogonal complement of column space of a matrix
confelpsConfidence ellipsiod for multiple parameters in a linear...
denimAbrasion of denim jeans
drugpricePrice of drugs under generic and brand names
frobFrobenius norm of a matrix
ganovaANOVA table for linear hypothesis in a linear model
girlgrowthGrowth data for girls
hanovaANOVA table for adequacy of a subset in a linear model)
hivHIV data
hoopHoop tree data
hypsplitTestable and untestable hypotheses in linear model
imf2015IMF unemployment data
intsectbasisBasis of intersection of two column spaces
IrisFisher's Iris data
is.includedWhether one column space is contained in another
kinksKink bands in rocks
LAcrimeLA crime and temperature data
leprosyTreatment of leprosy
lifelengthAge at death
multcompMultiple comparison tests
olympicOlympic sprint finals data
poisonSurvival times of poisoned animals
projOrthogonal projector of a matrix
skullsEgyptian skull development
splett2Energy data
stars1Stars data 1
stars2Stars data 2
supplbasisSupplementary basis vectors for column space of a matrix
trTrace of matrix
troutBrown trout hemoglobin data
waistWaist circumference and adipose tissue data
worldpopWorld population data
worldrecordWorld record running times data
WrightWright brothers' wind tunnel data
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