Man pages for lmviz
A Package to Visualize Linear Models Features and Play with Them

BadLMBadLM shiny app
checksimTest the computer player performance
CollinCollin shiny app
ComputerDecision.defaultComputer player decision
ConfIntConfInt shiny app
GuessTheLineGuessTheLine shiny app
GuessThePointsGuessThePoints shiny app
LMBoardLMBoard shiny app
lmvizlmviz: A package to visualize linear models features and play...
MultipleLMMultipleLM shiny app
PredictionPrediction shiny app
QuizResidualQuizResidual shiny app
SampleDistSampleDist shiny app
SimpleLMSimpleLM shiny app
Simulation.defaultSimulates a sample
SlopeTestSlopeTest shiny app
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