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The package converts R data onto input and data for LocalSolver, executes optimization and exposes optimization results as R data.


LocalSolver (http://www.localsolver.com/) is an optimization engine developed by Innovation24 (http://www.innovation24.fr/). It is designed to solve large-scale mixed-variable non-convex optimization problems.

The localsolver package is result of cooperation of WLOG Solutions (http://www.wlogsolutions.com/en/) in collaboration Decision Support and Analysis Division at Warsaw School of Economics (http://www.sgh.waw.pl/en/).

The localsolver package allows for solving optimization problems in R by using the LocalSolver program. It combines efficiency and easiness of model formulation, which characterize the LocalSolver program, with the elasticity of data in R. The model formulation in LSP language is provided by a user as a string or text file, and the input data - as a list. The solution is also a list, with chosen decision variables, constraints and objective function values. Thus the problem can be solved many times (for example, by iterating with different parameter settings) and the result is provided in a form which makes further processing or visualization in R fast and easy.

It is highly recommended that the LocalSolver software is installed before the R package.
The test version (limited to 100 decisions and 1000 variables) can be downloaded from the website: http://www.localsolver.com/download.html
The access to the trial license for full version requires contacting the Innovation24 company. For further information please visit the website: http://www.localsolver.com/

Bugs and feature requests can be reported by e-mail: Walerian Sokolowski <walerian.sokolowski@wlogsolutions.com>. We are also looking forward for any future package development suggestions.

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