Man pages for locatexec
Detection and Localization of Executable Files

chrome_execPath to 'Google Chrome' executable
excel_execPath to 'Microsoft Execl' executable
exec_availableCheck executable availability and version
exec_locateFind an executable
exec_versionGet executable version
firefox_execPath to 'Mozilla Firefox' executable
is_osxTest if the system is "macOS"
is_unixTest if the system is "unix"
is_windowsTest if the system is "Windows"
libreoffice_execPath to 'LibreOffice' executable
node_execPath to 'node.js' executable
npm_execPath to 'npm' executable
pip_execPath to 'pip' executable
powerpoint_execPath to 'Microsoft PowerPoint' executable
python_execPath to 'python' executable
word_execPath to 'Microsoft Word' executable
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