LCTLLRdistn: Limit Distribution of the Likelihood Ratio Statistic

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The LCTLLRdistn object gives the (estimated) limit distribution of Two times the log likelihood ratio for the location of the mode of a log-concave density f_0, under the assumption that f_0''(m)<0, where m is the mode of f_0.




LCTLLRdistn is an object with formal (S4) class 'distr' and subclass 'DiscreteDistribution' [package "distr"] with 12 slots. It is an estimate of a continuous limit distribution by a discrete one.


Gives the (discrete) support, i.e., the simulated values on which the estimate is based.


Formal class 'Reals' [package "distr"] with 2 slots




"Real Space"


NULL; unused slot.


function (n); simulates n values.


function (x, log = FALSE); constant 0 function.


function (q, lower.tail = TRUE, log.p = FALSE); the cumulative distribution function.


function (p, lower.tail = TRUE, log.p = FALSE); the quantile function.


logi FALSE; for internal use


logi FALSE; for internal use


logi FALSE; for internal use


logi TRUE; for internal use


Formal class 'NoSymmetry' [package "distr"] with 2 slots


character "non-symmetric distribution"




LCTLLRdistn is an object of class "distr" and subclass "DiscreteDistribution" from the package distr. The main uses are the three functions q (the quantile function), p (the cumulative distribution function) and r (which returns random samples). Note that d always returns 0 since the distribution is estimated discretely.

See the distr package for more details.


Obtained via simulation from a Gamma(3,1) distribution with density proportional to x^2 e^{-x} on (0,∞). We simulated the log likelihood ratio statistic 10^4 times, each time with a sample size of 1.2*10^3. The statistic was computed via the activeSetLogCon and activeSetLogCon.mode functions.


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See Also

See the "distr" package. The LRmodeTest and LCLRCImode functions use LCTLLRdistn.


LCTLLRdistn@q(.95); ##~1.06 is the 95% quantile

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