Man pages for logib
Salary Analysis by the Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality

all_column_namesColumn names
analysisRun a Salary Analysis
build_custom_mappingBuild column name mappings
build_errorsBuilds a dataframe of errors
check_dataCheck a dataframe
cleanup_errorsCleanup data errors
compute_ageCompute age values
compute_years_of_serviceCompute years_of_service value
datalist_imprimerieImprimerie datalist
download_datalistDownload official Excel datalists
feb29_betweenCheck if the interval between two dates contains February 29
get_kennedy_estimatorKennedy Estimator
prepare_dataPrepares a dataframe for the analysis
read_dataCreate the dataframe object used for the standard analysis...
read_official_excelRead official datalist or data_export Excel file
run_standard_analysis_modelStandard Analysis Model
summary.analysis_modelSummary of the Salary Analysis
transform_dataTransform a data.frame according to the requirements of the...
within_a_yearCheck if the interval between two dates is less than a year
yearfracTime difference between two dates in fractional year terms
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