logmult: Log-Multiplicative Models, Including Association Models

Functions to fit log-multiplicative models using gnm, with support for convenient printing, plots, and jackknife/bootstrap standard errors. For complex survey data, models can be fitted from design objects from the 'survey' package. Currently supported models include UNIDIFF (Erikson & Goldthorpe), a.k.a. log-multiplicative layer effect model (Xie), and several association models: Goodman's row-column association models of the RC(M) and RC(M)-L families with one or several dimensions; two skew-symmetric association models proposed by Yamaguchi and by van der Heijden & Mooijaart.

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AuthorMilan Bouchet-Valat [aut, cre], Heather Turner [ctb], Michael Friendly [ctb]
Date of publication2017-03-21 06:50:50 UTC
MaintainerMilan Bouchet-Valat <nalimilan@club.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anoas: Analysis of Association Functions

assoc: Identifying Scores from Association Models

color: Two Cross-Classifications of Eye Color by Hair Color

criminal: Dropped Criminal Charges, Denmark, 1955-1958

gss7590: Education and Occupational Attainment Among White Men and...

gss8590: Education and Occupational Attainment Among Women in the...

gss88: Major Occupation by Years of Schooling in the United States,...

hmskew: Fitting van der Heijden & Mooijaart Skew-Symmetric...

hmskewL: Fitting van der Heijen & Mooijaart Skew-Symmetric Association...

HMSkew-nonlin: Specify a Skew-Symmetric Association in a gnm Model Formula

maor: Mean Absolute Odds Ratio or Intrinsic Association Coefficient

ocg1973: Intergenerational Mobility in the United States, 1973

plot.assoc: Plotting Scores from Association Models

plot.unidiff: Plot Layer Coefficients From a UNIDIFF Model

ras: RAS/Deming-Stephan Algorithm for Raking Tables

rc: Fitting Row-Column Association Models

rcL: Fitting Row-Column Association Models With Layer Effect

rcL.trans: Fitting Row-Column Association Models With Transitional Layer...

RCTrans-nonlin: Specify a Row-Column Association With Transitional Layer...

se: Standard Errors for Association Models

summary.anoas: Summary and Print Methods for ANOAS objects

summary.assoc: Summarize Association Model Fits

summary.unidiff: Summarize UNIDIFF Model Fits

svyassocmod: Fitting Association Models With Complex Survey Data

svygnm: Fitting Generalized Nonlinear Models With Complex Survey Data

unidiff: Fitting Log-Multiplicative Uniform Difference/Layer Effect...

yrcskew: Fitting Yamaguchi RC_SK Skew-Symmetric Association Model

YRCSkew-nonlin: Specify a Skew-Symmetric Association in a gnm Model Formula


anoas Man page
anoasL Man page
assoc Man page
assoc.hmskew Man page
assoc.hmskewL Man page
assoc.rc Man page
assoc.rcL Man page
assoc.rcL.symm Man page
assoc.rcL.trans Man page
assoc.rcL.trans.symm Man page
assoc.rc.symm Man page
assoc.yrcskew Man page
assoc.yrcskew.symm Man page
color Man page
criminal Man page
gss7590 Man page
gss8590 Man page
gss88 Man page
hmskew Man page
HMSkew Man page
hmskewL Man page
maor Man page
ocg1973 Man page
plot.assoc Man page
plot.hmskew Man page
plot.hmskewL Man page
plot.rc Man page
plot.rcL Man page
plot.rcL.symm Man page
plot.rc.symm Man page
plot.unidiff Man page
plot.yrcskew Man page
print.anoas Man page
print.hmskew Man page
print.hmskewL Man page
print.rc Man page
print.rcL Man page
print.rcL.symm Man page
print.rc.symm Man page
print.summary.anoas Man page
print.summary.assocmod Man page
print.summary.unidiff Man page
print.yrcskew Man page
ras Man page
rc Man page
rcL Man page
rcL.trans Man page
RCTrans Man page
RCTransSymm Man page
se Man page
se.assoc Man page
se.hmskew Man page
se.hmskewL Man page
se.rc Man page
se.rcL Man page
se.yrcskew Man page
summary.anoas Man page
summary.assocmod Man page
summary.unidiff Man page
svygnm Man page
svygnm.svyrep.design Man page
svyhmskew Man page
svyhmskewL Man page
svyrc Man page
svyrcL Man page
svyrcL.trans Man page
svyyrcskew Man page
unidiff Man page
yrcskew Man page
YRCSkew Man page

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