longitudinal: Analysis of Multiple Time Course Data

Contains general data structures and functions for longitudinal data with multiple variables, repeated measurements, and irregularly spaced time points. Also implements a shrinkage estimator of dynamical correlation and dynamical covariance.

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AuthorRainer Opgen-Rhein and Korbinian Strimmer.
Date of publication2015-07-08 16:28:32
MaintainerKorbinian Strimmer <strimmerlab@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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as.longitudinal Man page
combine.longitudinal Man page
condense.longitudinal Man page
dyn.cor Man page
dyn.cov Man page
dyn.invcor Man page
dyn.invcov Man page
dyn.moments Man page
dyn.pcor Man page
dyn.pvar Man page
dyn.scale Man page
dyn.var Man page
dyn.weights Man page
get.time.idx Man page
get.time.repeats Man page
has.repeated.measurements Man page
is.equally.spaced Man page
is.longitudinal Man page
is.regularly.sampled Man page
longitudinal Man page
longitudinal-package Man page
longitudinal.util Man page
plot.longitudinal Man page
print.longitudinal Man page
summary.longitudinal Man page
tcell Man page
tcell.10 Man page
tcell.34 Man page
tcell.gene.description Man page
time2weights Man page

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