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Interactive Statistical Data Visualization

as.graphConvert a loongraph object to an object of class graph
as.loongraphConvert a graph object to a loongraph object
color_loonCreate a palette with loon's color mapping
complementCreate the Complement Graph of a Graph
complement.loongraphCreate the Complement Graph of a loon Graph
completegraphCreate a complete graph or digraph with a set of nodes
condGrobCreate a named grob or a template grob depending on a test
facet_grid_layoutLayout as a grid
facet_separate_layoutlayout separately
facet_wrap_layoutLayout as a wrap
graphreduceMake each space in a node apprear only once
grid.loonCreate and optionally draw a grid grob from a loon widget...
hex12tohex6Convert 12 hexadecimal digit color representations to 6...
L2_distanceEuclidean distance between two vectors, or between column...
l_after_idleEvaluate a function on once the processor is idle
l_aspectQuery the aspect ratio of a plot
l_aspect-setSet the aspect ratio of a plot
l_basePathsGet the set of basic path types for loon plots.
l_binCutGet labels for each observation according to bin cuts in the...
l_bind_canvasCreate a Canvas Binding
l_bind_canvas_deleteDelete a canvas binding
l_bind_canvas_getGet the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a canvas...
l_bind_canvas_idsList canvas binding ids
l_bind_canvas_reorderReorder the canvas binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_contextAdd a context binding
l_bind_context_deleteDelete a context binding
l_bind_context_getGet the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a context...
l_bind_context_idsList context binding ids
l_bind_context_reorderReorder the context binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_glyphAdd a glyph binding
l_bind_glyph_deleteDelete a glyph binding
l_bind_glyph_getGet the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a glyph...
l_bind_glyph_idsList glyph binding ids
l_bind_glyph_reorderReorder the glyph binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_itemCreate a Canvas Binding
l_bind_item_deleteDelete a item binding
l_bind_item_getGet the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a item binding
l_bind_item_idsList item binding ids
l_bind_item_reorderReorder the item binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_layerAdd a layer binding
l_bind_layer_deleteDelete a layer binding
l_bind_layer_getGet the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a layer...
l_bind_layer_idsList layer binding ids
l_bind_layer_reorderReorder the layer binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_navigatorAdd a navigator binding
l_bind_navigator_deleteDelete a navigator binding
l_bind_navigator_getGet the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a navigator...
l_bind_navigator_idsList navigator binding ids
l_bind_navigator_reorderReorder the navigator binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_stateAdd a state change binding
l_bind_state_deleteDelete a state binding
l_bind_state_getGet the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a state...
l_bind_state_idsList state binding ids
l_bind_state_reorderReorder the state binding evaluation sequence
l_breaksGets the boundaries of the histogram bins containing active...
l_cgetQuery a Plot State
l_colorNameGet Color Names from the Hex Code
l_colRemoveAlphaConvert color representations having an alpha transparency...
l_compoundPathsGet the set of basic path types for loon plots.
l_configureModify one or multiple plot states
l_context_add_context2dCreate a context2d navigator context
l_context_add_geodesic2dCreate a geodesic2d navigator context
l_context_add_slicing2dCreate a slicind2d navigator context
l_context_deleteDelete a context from a navigator
l_context_getLabelQuery the label of a context
l_context_idsList context ids of a navigator
l_context_relabelChange the label of a context
l_copyStatesA generic function to transfer the values of the states of...
l_createCompoundGrobFor the target compound loon plot, creates the final grob...
l_create_handleCreate a loon object handle
l_currentindexGet layer-relative index of the item below the mouse cursor
l_currenttagsGet tags of the item below the mouse cursor
l_dataConvert an R data.frame to a Tcl dictionary
l_exportExport a loon plot as an image
l_export_valid_formatsReturn a list of the available image formats when exporting a...
l_facetLayout Facets across multiple panels
l_get_arrangeGrobArgsFor the target (compound) loon plot, determines all arguments...
l_getBinDataGet information on current bins from a histogram
l_getBinIdsGets the ids of the active points in each bin of a histogram
l_getColorListGet loon's color mapping list
l_getFromPathCreate loon objects from path name
l_getGraphExtract a loongraph or graph object from loon's graph display
l_getLinkedStatesQuery the States that are Linked with Loon's Standard Linking...
l_getLocationsFor the target compound loon plot, determines location (only...
l_getOptionGet the value of a loon display option
l_getOptionNamesGet the names of all loon display options
l_getPlotsFor the target compound loon plot, determines all the loon...
l_getSavedStatesRetrieve saved plot states from the named file.
l_getScaledDataData Scaling
l_glyph_addAdd non-primitive glyphs to a scatterplot or graph display
l_glyph_add.defaultDefault method for adding non-primitive glyphs
l_glyph_add_imageAdd an image glyphs
l_glyph_add_pointrangeAdd a Pointrange Glyph
l_glyph_add_polygonAdd a Polygon Glyph
l_glyph_add_serialaxesAdd a Serialaxes Glyph
l_glyph_add_textAdd a Text Glyph
l_glyph_deleteDelete a Glyph
l_glyph_getLabelGet Glyph Label
l_glyph_getTypeGet Glyph Type
l_glyph_idsList glyphs ids
l_glyph_relabelRelabel Glyph
l_glyphs_inspectorCreate a Glyphs Inspector
l_glyphs_inspector_imageCreate a Image Glyph Inspector
l_glyphs_inspector_pointrangeCreate a Pointrange Glyph Inspector
l_glyphs_inspector_serialaxesCreate a Serialaxes Glyph Inspector
l_glyphs_inspector_textCreate a Text Glyph Inspector
l_graphGeneric funtction to create an interactive graph display
l_graph_inspectorCreate a Graph Inspector
l_graph_inspector_analysisCreate a Graph Analysis Inspector
l_graph_inspector_navigatorsCreate a Graph Navigator Inspector
l_graphswitchCreate a graphswitch widget
l_graphswitch_addAdd a graph to a graphswitch widget
l_graphswitch_add.defaultAdd a graph that is defined by node names and a from-to edges...
l_graphswitch_add.graphAdd a graph to the graphswitch widget using a graph object
l_graphswitch_add.loongraphAdd a graph to the graphswitch widget using a loongraph...
l_graphswitch_deleteDelete a graph from the graphswitch widget
l_graphswitch_getReturn a Graph as a loongraph Object
l_graphswitch_getLabelQuery Label of a Graph in the Graphswitch Widget
l_graphswitch_idsList the ids of the graphs in the graphswitch widget
l_graphswitch_moveMove a Graph in the Graph List
l_graphswitch_relabelRelabel a Graph in the Graphswitch Widget
l_graphswitch_reorderReorder the Positions of the Graphs in the Graph List
l_graphswitch_setChange the Graph shown in the Active Graph Widget
l_helpOpen a browser with loon's combined (TCL and R) documentation...
l_hexcolorConvert color names to their 12 digit hexadecimal color...
l_histCreate an interactive histogram
l_hist_inspectorCreate a Histogram Inspector
l_hist_inspector_analysisCreate a Histogram Analysis Inspector
l_image_import_arrayImport Greyscale Images as Tcl images from an Array
l_image_import_filesImport Image Files as Tk Image Objects
l_imageviewerDisplay Tcl Images in a Simple Image Viewer
linegraphCreate a linegraph
linegraph.loongraphCreate a linegraph of a graph
l_info_statesRetrieve Information about the States of a Loon Widget
l_isLoonWidgetCheck if a widget path is a valid loon widget
l_layerLoon layers
l_layer_bboxGet the bounding box of a layer.
l_layer_contourLinesLayer Contour Lines
l_layer_deleteDelete a layer
l_layer_demoteMoves the layer to be a child of its right group layer...
l_layer.densityLayer Method for Kernel Density Estimation
l_layer_expungeDelete a layer and all its descendants
l_layer_getChildrenGet children of a group layer
l_layer_getLabelGet layer label.
l_layer_getParentGet parent layer id of a layer
l_layer_getTypeGet layer type
l_layer_grouplayer a group node
l_layer_groupVisibilityQueries visibility status of decendants
l_layer_heatImageDisplay a Heat Image
l_layer_hideHide a Layer
l_layer_idsList ids of layers in Plot
l_layer_indexGet the order index of a layer among its siblings
l_layer_isVisibleReturn visibility flag of layer
l_layer_layerVisibilityReturns logical value for whether layer is actually seen
l_layer_lineLayer a line
l_layer.LineLayer line in Line object
l_layer_linesLayer lines
l_layer.LinesLayer lines in Lines object
l_layer_lowerSwitch the layer place with its sibling to the right
l_layer.mapAdd a Map of class map as Drawings to Loon plot
l_layer_moveMove a layer
l_layer_ovalLayer a oval
l_layer_pointsLayer points
l_layer_polygonLayer a polygon
l_layer.PolygonLayer polygon in Polygon object
l_layer_polygonsLayer polygons
l_layer.PolygonsLayer polygons in Polygons object
l_layer_printTreePrint the layer tree
l_layer_promoteMoves the layer up to be a left sibling of its parent
l_layer_raiseSwitch the layer place with its sibling to the left
l_layer_rasterImageLayer a Raster Image
l_layer_rectangleLayer a rectangle
l_layer_rectanglesLayer rectangles
l_layer_relabelChange layer label
l_layer_showShow or unhide a Layer
l_layers_inspectorCreate a Layers Inspector
l_layer_smoothLayer a smooth line for 'loon'
l_layer.SpatialLinesLayer lines in SpatialLines object
l_layer.SpatialLinesDataFrameLayer lines in SpatialLinesDataFrame object
l_layer.SpatialPointsLayer points in SpatialPoints object
l_layer.SpatialPointsDataFrameLayer points in SpatialPointsDataFrame object
l_layer.SpatialPolygonsLayer polygons in SpatialPolygons object
l_layer.SpatialPolygonsDataFrameLayer polygons in SpatialPolygonDataFrame
l_layer_textLayer a text
l_layer_textsLayer texts
l_loon_inspectorCreate a loon inspector
l_loonWidgetsGet all active top level loon plots.
l_make_glyphsMake arbitrary glyphs with R graphic devices
l_move_gridArrange Points or Nodes on a Grid
l_move_halignHorizontally Align Points or Nodes
l_move_hdistHorizontally Distribute Points or Nodes
l_move_jitterJitter Points Or Nodes
l_move_resetReset Temporary Point or Node Locations to the x and y states
l_move_valignVertically Align Points or Nodes
l_move_vdistVertically Distribute Points or Nodes
l_navgraphExplore a dataset with the canonical 2d navigation graph...
l_navigator_addAdd a Navigator to a Graph
l_navigator_deleteDelete a Navigator
l_navigator_getLabelQuery the Label of a Navigator
l_navigator_getPathGet the sequence of nodes of a navigator's current path
l_navigator_idsList Navigators
l_navigator_relabelModify the Label of a Navigator
l_navigator_walk_backwardHave the Navigator Walk Backward on the Current Path
l_navigator_walk_forwardHave the Navigator Walk Forward on the Current Path
l_navigator_walk_pathHave the Navigator Walk a Path on the Graph
l_nDimStateNamesN dimensional state names access
l_nestedTclList2RlistConvert a Nested Tcl List to an R List
l_ng_plots2d navigation graph setup with with dynamic node fitering...
l_ng_plots.defaultSelect 2d spaces with variable associated measures displayed...
l_ng_plots.measures2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering using a...
l_ng_plots.scagnostics2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering based on...
l_ng_ranges2d navigation graph setup with with dynamic node fitering...
l_ng_ranges.defaultSelect 2d spaces with variable associated measures using a...
l_ng_ranges.measures2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering using a...
l_ng_ranges.scagnostics2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering based on...
loonloon: A Toolkit for Interactive Data Visualization and...
loongraphCreate a graph object of class loongraph
loonGrobCreate a grid grob from a loon widget handle
loonGrob_layoutTypeA generic function used to distinguish whether only the...
loon_paletteLoon's color generator for creating color palettes
l_pairsAn interactive scatterplot matrix
l_plotCreate an interactive loon plot widget
l_plot3DCreate an interactive loon 3d plot widget
l_plot_argumentsArguments common to l_plot functions
l_plot_inspectorCreate a Scatterplot Inspector
l_plot_inspector_analysisCreate a Scatterplot Analysis Inspector
l_plot_tsDraw a decomposed time series loon plot
l_predictModel Prediction
l_primitiveGlyphsThe primitive glyphs available to a scatterplot or graph...
l_redrawForce a Content Redraw of a Plot
l_resizeResize Plot Widget
l_Rlist2nestedTclListConvert an R list to a nested Tcl list
l_saveStatesSave the info states of a loon plot widget in a file
l_scale3DScale for 3d plotting
l_scaleto_activeChange Plot Region to Display All Active Data
l_scaleto_layerChange Plot Region to Display All Elements of a Particular...
l_scaleto_plotChange Plot Region to Display the All Data of the Model Layer
l_scaleto_selectedChange Plot Region to Display All Selected Data
l_scaleto_worldChange Plot Region to Display All Plot Data
l_serialaxesCreate an interactive serialaxes (parallel axes or radial...
l_serialaxes_inspectorCreate a Serialaxes Inspector
l_setAspectSet the aspect ratio of a plot
l_setColorListUse custom colors for mapping nominal values to distinct...
l_setColorList_baseRSet loon's color mapping list to the colors from base R
l_setColorList_ColorBrewerSet loon's color mapping list to the colors from ColorBrewer
l_setColorList_ggplot2Set loon's color mapping list to the colors from ggplot2
l_setColorList_hclSet loon's color mapping list to the colors from hcl color...
l_setColorList_loonSet loon's color mapping list to the colors from loon...
l_setLinkedStatesModify States of a Plot that are Linked in Loon's Standard...
l_setOptionSet the value of a loon display option
l_setTitleFontSet the title font of all loon displays
l_sizeQuery Size of a Plot Display
l_size-setResize Plot Widget
l_state_namesGet State Names of Loon Object
l_subwinCreate a child widget path
l_throwErrorIfNotLoonWidgetThrow an error if string is not associated with a loon widget
l_toplevelloon tk top level
l_toRConvert a Tcl Object to some other R object
l_userOptionDefaultGet loon's system default value for the named display option.
l_userOptionsGet the names of all loon display options that can be set by...
l_webOpen a browser with loon's R documentation webpage
l_widgetDummy function to be used in the Roxygen documentation
l_worldviewCreate a Worldview Inspector
l_zoomZoom from and towards the center
measures1dClosure of One Dimensional Measures
measures2dClosure of Two Dimensional Measures
minorityCanadian Visible Minority Data 2006
names.loonGet State Names of Loon Object
ndtransitiongraphCreate a n-d transition graph
oliveFatty Acid Composition of Italian Olive Oils
oliveAcidsJust the Fatty Acid Composition of Italian Olive Oils
oliveLocationsGeographic location of each Italian olive growing area named...
plot.loonPlot the current view of any loon plot in the current device.
plot.loongraphPlot a loon graph object with base R graphics
print.l_layerPrint a summary of a loon layer object
print.measures1dPrint function names from measure1d object
print.measures2dPrint function names from measure2d object
scagnostics2dClosure of Two Dimensional Scagnostic Measures
tkcolorsList the valid Tk color names
UsAndThemData to re-create Hans Rosling's famous "Us and Them"...
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