Man pages for lpSolveAPI
R Interface to 'lp_solve' Version

add.columnAdd Column
add.constraintAdd Constraint
add.SOSAdd A Special Ordered Set Constraint
delete.columnDelete Column
delete.constraintDelete Constraint
delete.lpDelete Linear Program Model
dim.lpExtPtrDimension of an Object
dimnames.lpExtPtrDimnames of an Object
get.basisGet Basis
get.boundsGet Bounds
get.branch.modeGet Branch Mode
get.columnGet Column
get.constraintsGet Constraints
get.constr.typeGet Constraint Type
get.constr.valueGet Constraint Value
get.dual.solutionGet Dual Solution
get.kindGet Kind
get.matGet Matrix Element
get.objectiveGet Objective
get.primal.solutionGet Primal Solution
get.rhsGet Right-Hand-Side
get.sensitivity.objGet Sensitivity: Objective
get.sensitivity.objexGet Sensitivity: Objective Extended
get.sensitivity.rhsGet Sensitivity: Right-Hand-Side
get.solutioncountGet Solution Count Total Iterations Total Nodes
get.typeGet Type
get.variablesGet Variables
guess.basisGuess Basis
lp.controllpSolve Control Parameters
lp.control.optionsSolver Control Options
make.lpMake LP
name.lpName LP
plot.lpExtPtrlpExtPtr Plot Method
print.lpExtPtrlpSolve Print Method
read.lpRead LP
resize.lpResize LP
row.add.modeRow Add Mode
select.solutionSelect Solution
set.basisSet Basis
set.boundsSet Bounds
set.branch.modeSet Branch Mode
set.branch.weightsSet Branch Weights
set.columnSet Column
set.constr.typeSet Constraint Type
set.constr.valueSet Constraint Value
set.matSet Matrix Element
set.objfnSet Objective Function
set.rhsSet Right-Hand-Side
set.rowSet Row
set.semicontSet Semicontinuous
set.typeSet Type
solve.lpExtPtrSolve a Linear Program
write.lpWrite Linear Program
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