Man pages for lqa
Penalized Likelihood Inference for GLMs

adaptive.lassoAdaptive Lasso Penalty
aoApproximated Octagon Penalty
bridgeBridge Penalty
cv.lqaFinding Optimal Tuning Parameter via Cross-Validation or...
cv.nngFinding Optimal Tuning Parameter via Cross-Validation or...
enetElastic Net Penalty
ForwardBoostComputation of the ForwardBoost Algorithm
fused.lassoFused Lasso Penalty
GBlockBoostComputation of the GBlockBoost Algorithm or Componentwise...
genetGeneralized Elastic Net Penalty
get.AmatComputation of the approximated penalty matrix.
icbImproved Correlation-based Penalty
lassoLasso Penalty
licbL1-Norm based Improved Correlation-based Penalty
lqaFitting penalized Generalized Linear Models with the LQA...
lqa.controlAuxiliary for controlling lqa fitting
lqa-internalInternal lqa functions
lqa-packageFitting GLMs based on penalized likelihood inference.
oscarOSCAR Penalty
penalregCorrelation-based Penalty
penaltyPenalty Objects
plot.lqaCoefficient build-ups for penalized GLMs
predict.lqaPrediction Method for lqa Fits
ridgeRidge Penalty
scadThe SCAD Penalty
weighted.fusionWeighted Fusion Penalty
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