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Different Types of Estimators to Deal with Multicollinearity

alte1Type (1) Adjusted Liu Estimator
alte2Type (2) Adjusted Liu Estimator
alte3Type (3) Adjusted Liu Estimator
aulAlmost Unbiased Liu Estimator
aurAlmost Unbiased Ridge Estimator
checkmCheck the degree of multicollinearity present in the dataset
liuLiu Estimator
lrmest2-packageEstimation of varies types of estimators in the linear model
lte1Type (1) Liu Estimator
lte2Type (2) Liu Estimator
lte3Type (3) Liu Estimator
mixeOrdinary Mixed Regression Estimator
ogalt1Ordinary Generalized Type (1) Adjusted Liu Estimator
ogalt2Ordinary Generalized Type (2) Adjusted Liu Estimator
ogalt3Ordinary Generalized Type (3) Adjusted Liu Estimator
ogaulOrdinary Generalized Almost Unbiased Liu Estimator
ogaurOrdinary Generalized Almost Unbiased Ridge Estimator
ogliuOrdinary Generalized Liu Estimator
oglt1Ordinary Generalized Type (1) Liu Estimator
oglt2Ordinary Generalized Type (2) Liu Estimator
oglt3Ordinary Generalized Type (3) Liu Estimator
ogmixOrdinary Generalized Mixed Regression Estimator
ogolsOrdinary Generalized Ordinary Least Square Estimators
ogreOrdinary Generalized Ridge Regression Estimator
ogrliuOrdinary Generalized Restricted Liu Estimator
ogrlsOrdinary Generalized Restricted Least Square Estimator
ogrrreOrdinary Generalized Restricted Ridge Regression Estimator
ogsrliuOrdinary Generalized Stochastic Restricted Liu Estimator
ogsrreOrdinary Generalized Stochastic Restricted Ridge Estimator
olsOrdinary Least Square Estimators
optimumSummary of optimum scalar Mean Square Error values of all...
pcdPortland Cement Dataset
ridOrdinary Ridge Regression Estimator
rliuRestricted Liu Estimator
rlsRestricted Least Square Estimator
rrreRestricted Ridge Regression Estimator
srliuStochastic Restricted Liu Estimator
srreStochastic Restricted Ridge Estimator
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